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The California State Board of Education adopted academic standards in language arts, mathematics, science, the arts, comprehensive health, foreign language, technology, social studies, and workplace skills. At Corcoran High School, we give students the tools they need not only to meet the state academic standards but to exceed them. Please learn more about the California state standards on the side of this page.

CHS Opportunities

In addition to our regular state-standards curriculum, CHS is proud to offer the following:

  • Acceleration and Enrichment Programs
  • Agriculture (FFA)
  • Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (AFROTC)
  • Alternative Education
  • Art
  • Business
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  • English Language Development
  • Independent Study Programs
  • Music Performance
  • One2One Technology
  • Special Education

Aeries Portal

Aeries is a web portal that allows for real-time access to student data. We have found that using Aeries improves the educational experience for school administrators, teachers, parents, and students alike by facilitating communication between school and home. You can access the Aeries portal at the side of this page. 

To create a new account:

  • When you first arrive at the login page, select “Create a New Account”
  • Select “Parent”
  • Enter your email and password twice, then select “Next”
  • Confirm your address by checking your email and following the instructions
  • Complete the student and contact verification fields