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Welcome to Corcoran High School, where it takes Five to Thrive! We believe in every student’s right to a safe, encouraging learning environment where he or she can acquire and develop skills that will benefit them both in and out of the classroom. Our high academic standards and well-rounded programs mean CHS students graduate well-prepared for college or careers.

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A Message from Our Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

As an update to our lunchtime policy, any 10-12th grader who is late to class from lunch three times will lose their off-campus privilege for one week. A 4th tardy will result in an off-campus privilege loss of one month and a 5th tardy will result in a loss of privilege for the rest of the semester. 

As a reminder to the Class of 2018, seniors must have earned 260 credits (in the correct subject areas), have no suspensions, have 95% attendance, passed the CAASPP with “standards met” or standards exceeded”, and pass the upcoming exit interview during second semester. 

Corcoran High School continues to focus on literacy and numeracy in preparing students for CAASPP, college, and careers. We are working with students to be more reflective of their learning and their goals, through personalized learning, Kagan Structures, appropriate use of technology, and 21st century skills.

I would like to encourage parents and students to follow CHS on Twitter and to bookmark our Calendar page to keep informed of upcoming events. 

I want to thank our school families and our community for your continued support. It is always with your help that our students thrive. If you have a few moments, please feel free to complete the survey directly to the left of this message.

Attention Class of 2021: Effective at the start of the 2017-2018 school year, freshmen may not leave campus at lunchtime. Please plan ahead. 

Atención Clase de 2021: Esto toma efecto al principio del ano escolar 2017-2018, los estudiantes del grado nueve, no van a poder ir fuere de la escuela durante la hora de lonche. Favor de planear adelante.


Antonia Stone

Antonia Stone
Principal, Corcoran High School